Hideo Mouri in his younger years.


1983 – Started production of prototype products.
A small amount of this product is available for sale.
The laminated pigskin type structure remains the same as it is today.

1992 – Mass production of the first Moori Tip begins.

1994 – Exploding popularity in the United States.
Our original laminated style was called as “The MOORI Style”

2001 – Started producing 2nd generation of Moori regular tips.

2003 – Started production of Moori III.

Mr. and Mrs. Guterres from Ginacue, who visited our workshop in 2003

2006 – Started to use new PTP packaging (Push Through Packaging)

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Moori Tip Push Through Packaging

2007 – Started production of Moori IV.

2011 – Started production of Moori V.

2015 – Started production of Moori Jewel.

2015 – Changed design of stamps and boxes.

2015 – Started production of Moori Ruby I.

2015 – Started production of Moori Malachite Green.

2018 – Started production of Moori Red Jewel Series. (Coral, Garnet and Ruby II.)

2018 – Became official partners with CPBA cloths.

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Mr. Marvin Wang of CPBA,Miss.Kitayama,the Spokeswoman of Moori, Mr. Hideo Moori

2018 – Attended GBE Guangzhou Billiard Expo (China) with much acclaim.

2019 – Mr. Hideo Moori attended GBE Guangzhou Billiard Expo.

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2019 – Started production of ST and SST Moori tips.

2019 – Introduced new authenticity protection system.

2020- Going to attend to SBE (Super Billiard Expo) in US (Postponed Apr.16-19 to Oct,22-25)