Real vs. Fake

Since Moori’s tips are famous and is the top seller in the world there have been many problems with counterfeit products in the history of the company. Moori is dedicated to combat this problem and protect the consumer from buying fake Moori tips to ensure everyone has access to the best quality product and protect the reputation of Moori.

How to tell genuine MOORI from fake MOORI?

1. Use our new authenticity checking system.
Scratch the silver seal to reveal the QR code, scan the code with your smartphone to open the link and be redirected to the authenticity website.
If the product is genuine it will be presented on the website. On the site you can check the amount of times that code has been scanned. Genuine Moori does not reuse codes. Multiple activation’s would indicate a counterfeit product.

Genuine Moori has a QR code printed on it.

The above example shows the difference between the results you may receive after scanning the QR code from the package.

2. Check the price. Low cost tips are generally always not genuine. In Japan Moori sells tips starting at 10 USD with the more expensive models as high as 23 USD, any prices below that should be considered as fake. Be weary of sellers that undercut these prices.

3. Moori changed its box style in 2015, the fakes out there are still using the older style of box.

4. From 2007 Moori is on the 4th generation of the regular series. Avoid buying 3rd generation Moori labeled products as they might not be genuine. In 2015 the stamp on the product has also been altered as a way to check the products authenticity.

Stamps after 2015

Stamps before 2015 (Or Fake…?)

If you are interested in becoming a official Moori reseller please contact us through the contact form that can be found on the about us page.