Q: What is a tip and where does it come from?
A: The tip was invented in France by François Mango in 1807. It refers to the leather top of the cue and is from 9 to 12 millimetres in length and has a thickness of 5 to 9 millimetres.

Old style tips – pre-Moori tip laminated style

Q: What do you mean by “laminated”?
A: Before Moori, the tips would be made from a single layer of cow leather, it became difficult to find the high quality thick cow leather that could be used for tips. Good quality thin leather is plenty and Hideo Moori started thinking about layering them. Hideo Moori started researching this idea at his company and the result was the original layered Moori tip that we know today and is not limited by the supply of leather. This technique that Hideo Moori invented has been adopted by tip manufacturers around the world.

Q: What is the difference between the Q, M and S tips?
A: It is to indicate the hardness of the tips and the response speed of which energy is transferred into the ball.
S = slow, which takes a long time to release.
Fast is the Q = quick.
The middle of the two is M = Medium.

Q: What is the diameter?
A: For pool players the diameter is 14mm, for carom players it is 13mm, snooker players will use 12mm.

Q: How long can a Moori tip be stored and how to store them?
A: Moori tips sold in the PTP packs can be stored for over a decade if they are kept in a dry place at room temperature and outside of sunlight. Avoid storing the product in extreme high or low humidity.

Q: Are there other tip makers trained by Hideo Mouri?
A: Currently there are no other tip makers or brands out there that have had official training, certification or consulting done by Hideo Mouri. Most tips out there are Moori style, however no other tip makers were trained by Hideo Mouri or associated with him.